Funky Lodging on the Oregon Coast

Last weekend we made another trip to our new favorite coastal town of Yachats, Oregon. It's a cute, quiet village about 30 minutes south of Newport with awesome tide pools along its few miles of rocky shoreline. On this particular trip we took an evening stroll from our hotel, walking along the mouth of the... Continue Reading →

Urban Hiking in Portland: The 4T (+B)

Train, trolley, trails, and tram, and in our case bus; the 4T Trail is a great way to spend three to four hours of an afternoon exploring Portland without using a car. The most commonly suggested route begins downtown at Pioneer Courthouse Square catching the train, or MAX light rail, to the Portland Zoo and... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Oregon Waterfall

Gorton Creek Falls Columbia River Gorge, Oregon It's probably not fair to say that Gorton Creek Falls is my favorite waterfall in Oregon because I haven't seen them all — yet.  However, I've seen quite a few falls in the beaver state and so far this one steals my heart.♥ I learned about this falls in... Continue Reading →

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