Our First GoPro Video!

I’m so proud of our first GoPro video! I (Nicole) earn money each quarter at work, up to $75 for “being healthy,” which for me basically consists of logging my steps (which automatically syncs through Apple Watch and FitBit so I don’t even feel like I worked for it). While I don’t get cash, I can redeem the money through gift cards, in which case I chose an Amazon card for the versatility—and I had a whole year worth of money in my account that I didn’t even know was there, $300! We’d wanted a GoPro for awhile, so when we saw that the Hero Black 7 was on Amazon I redeemed that gift card real quick! 

Unfortunately the GoPro sat around for awhile unused (with the exception of some cat videos), as we didn’t have any accessories for it, or time to take any trips. I was also kind of intimidated by the thing! Well, YAY for Christmas and Mom, who loaded us up with pretty much all the accessories you need for the action camera. Using the octopus tripod, I wrapped its flexible legs around our balcony railing at the Elizabeth Street Inn in Newport, Oregon, and we created our first time-lapse video of a PNW coastal sunset. Kudos to Bob who edited the video using the GoPro Quik app, added some music and voila! I hope you enjoy our neat little video as much as we do, and you best get ready for many more to come!

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