Happy Thanksbacon!

Everyone knows about Friendsgiving, but what do you know about Thanksbacon? After experiencing it, we’re hoping that ThanksBacon becomes the next big trend of the holiday season.

This past weekend we were invited to the seventh annual Thanksbacon—a celebration of all things bacon—including the likes of bacon pumpkin pie, bourbon bacon cream puffs, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, bacon topped guacamole, and even turkeys wrapped with bacon. Holy bacon! Dips, entrees, sides, appetizers, and desserts—you can literally add bacon to almost anything. There were a few dishes that didn’t contain bacon (a ham and some cookies), but for anyone not a lover of the fatty melt-in-your-mouth pig candy, I recommend eating dinner before the bacon party.

Before Thanksbacon we wondered, is there such thing as too much bacon?  Do you eventually reach a point where you just can’t take anymore? We weren’t the only ones who thought so, but then, we attended our first Thanksbacon party – it was awesome! Of course it wasn’t too much bacon, it was amazing! Never doubt the pig. Next year, treat yourself and your loved ones by hosting your very own Thanksbacon; you’ll be surprised by the creativity of your guests and you won’t leave hungry.

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