Halloween Things to do in Portland

YAY, it’s Halloween time, one of our favorites!  Everyone is Googling for Halloween things to do in and around Portland.  There’s a million lists out there so you’ll find no shortage of Halloween activities for all ages, from family-friendly to seasonally frightening.  In this post we’ll feature a few things we’ve actually experienced, along some new ones that have piqued our interest.

Fear Asylum at the Milwaukie-Portland Elks Lodge

The Fear Asylum is an all-volunteer haunt held in the Elks lodge, the website warning of “stairs, strobes and airborne particles.”  We attended this haunted house last year, and it was awesome!  The actors clearly enjoyed themselves, and succeeded in their job to make us jump and scare off our pants.  We waited in line for nearly an hour, but the attraction was most definitely worth the wait.  Concessions would have been a nice perk, hopefully something they’ll consider adding in the future.

Theme:  “Circus of the Damned”

Cost:  $15 with proceeds benefitting the Elks and its charities.  You can even return with your admission bracelet and get $5 off!

Dates:  Every weekend in October; Fridays & Saturdays 7—11 pm and Sundays 6—9 pm.

Location:  Milwaukie-Portland Elks Lodge, 13121 SE McLoughlin Blvd., Milwaukie, OR

Kruger Farm Haunted Corn Maze

It’s been a few years now since attending the Kruger Farm maze and Hoe Down, but it was so cool!  Honestly we hadn’t done our research and thought we were just attending a haunted corn maze.  To our surprise, a band was rocking out underneath a huge circus tent in the middle of the maze — we had stumbled into the Hoe Down.  Most of the crowd was dressed in costume, including us, and there was also yummy food and booze available for purchase.  There were even fire dancers outside the tent, which we thought was ironic since we were in a dry corn field.  The maze itself was scary, obviously, as walking around in the pitch black, nervous AF because you know someone is waiting to jump out at any turn typically is terrifying.  Unfortunately the Hoe Downs aren’t going down in 2018, instead bands and food will be in the barn while maze-rs wait their turn to get lost in the corn.

Theme:  “UFO Invasion—Trails of Terror”

Cost:  $15 adults, $10 kids ages 5 to 12

Tickets go on sale at 6 pm, box office closes at 9 pm; Tickets sold with timed entry

Dates:  Every Friday, October 5th—26th; Every Saturday, September 29th—October 28th

Maze open from 7 —10 pm

Harvest Hoe Downs include movies, food, beer and wine from 6:30-9:30 pm, weekends throughout October.  There’s also live music from 7—10 pm

Location:  Kruger Farm, 17100 NW Sauvie Island Rd, Portland, OR

Davis Graveyard

The Davis Graveyard is one awesome and impressive yard display created by a bunch of neighbors who love Halloween.  The yard and fence are absolutely perfect for the attraction, featuring lights, spooky props, and tombstones that are funny, punny, as well as many tributes to names you’ll recognize.  Full effects and sounds will be included on the weekends throughout October, and Halloween of course.  If you don’t mind more crowds, definitely visit during the weekends to experience the true awesomeness of the Davis Graveyard. They even host workshops Saturdays and Sundays, June through September, so you can learn how to DIY your very own tombstones!

Cost:  Free!

Dates:  Dusk to 10 pm on weeknights and Sundays in October, and dusk to 11 pm on Fridays & Saturdays

Experience FULL EFFECTS Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Halloween

Location:  8703 SE 43rd Ave., Milwaukie, OR

Haunted Pub Tour

“Meet” the real ghosts of Old Town and hear about paranormal encounters on a 2.5 hour tour, including 30 minutes in the Shanghai Tunnels, underground passages connecting the basements of many hotels and taverns to the Willamette River.  The tunnels are said to have been used for shanghaiing back in the day, i.e., kidnapping victims to serve as sailors.  The tour stops at two historic bars and includes six beer samples.  This is a special Halloween addition of a year-round haunted pub tour.  Though we haven’t tried this yet, it sounds kind of neat and the tunnels have always been on our Portland to-do list.

Cost:  $45, and you must buy tickets in advance

Dates:  Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 pm, Fridays and Saturdays at 6, 7, & 8 pm, and Sundays at 3:30pm

Location:  Starts at Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub, 112 SW 2nd Ave, Portland, OR

Milburn’s Haunted Manor

We never heard of the Milburn Manor until starting our Halloween research this year, but with a 4.5 rating on Google and an award for the #1 Scariest Haunt from oregonhauntedhouses.com, this attraction has quickly made its way onto the radar.  Rated PG-13, Milburn’s Manor includes two haunted mansions, a moonlit pumpkin patch and concessions.

Cost:  The Dark entry is $12, and The Manor entry is $12, or save $6 by purchasing a dual entry pass for $18

Dates:  Weekends throughout October

Fridays & Saturdays 7—11 pm, Sundays 7—10 pm, and October 25, 30 & 31, 7—10 pm

Location:  1503 Broadacres Rd NE, Hubbard, OR (outside of Woodburn)

Grim Hollow Spooky Trail

The Spooky Trail is a no-contact haunted walk through the woods of the Mt. Hood Territory, recommended for those over age 13.  Last year a group of us volunteered out on the trail to scare and it was SO MUCH FUN!  Who knew that jumping out from behind the trees to terrify trail-goers would be so entertaining.  The walk twists through the rustling ferns and towering Douglas firs in the pitch black woods.  Your eyes never adjust to the darkness because the trail is illuminated with glow sticks, so you never see what lies ahead on the Spooky Trail…

Cost: $10 payable online or at the gate, proceeds benefitting the American Cancer Society

Dates:  Thursday through Saturday, October 18th, 19th, 20th, and 25th, 26th, 27th

The trail is open from 7pm—10pm each night, but you must be checked in by 9 pm.

Location: The old Roslyn Lake Park, just past the old Bull Run Elementary School and across from 41401 SE Thomas Rd, Sandy, OR


Killer Pumpkin Festival

The Killer Pumpkin Festival features ALL the pumpkin beers on tap, a special pumpkin menu, and plenty of pumpkins for smashing, bowling, decorating, carving and other festive pumpkin activities.  This festival is pumpkin AF, so you better be into pumpkin if you’r coming here.  Participate in the dog, kid and adult costume contests too!

Cost:  $5 donation at the door, benefitting Camp Ukandu

Date:  Saturday, October 27th, 11 am —11 pm

Location:  Rogue Eastside Pub & Pilot Brewery, 928 SE 9th Ave, Portland, OR

Honorable Mention:

The Doll Asylum

The Doll Asylum is one f*cked up and disturbing doll house, and it’s GREAT.  We were so excited to write about this place, and upon researching details of the haunt we learned that they’ve moved to Astoria!  This attraction can be a bit disturbing to some, so if you’re easily offended by the thought of bloody Barbies and mutilated baby dolls, STAY AWAY from this place!  If you’re making a trip out to the northern Oregon coast in October, we highly recommend stopping by the Doll Asylum.  It’s probably really awesome in one of those cool, historic Astorian homes.

As stated on the asylum website, “We are a place for the old, the decrepit, the forgotten…the insane. We try to ‘fix’ those we can, and provide a place of refuge for those we can’t.”

Cost:  FREE, and happily accepting any dolls you’d like to admit to the asylum!

Dates:  October 26th and 27th from 6-10 pm, 28th from 6-9 pm, and 31st from 5-9 pm

Location:  1188 Harrison Ave., Astoria, OR

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