The Inspiration

The trip that started it all.

The impetus of this blog can be traced back to the 2017 Spring road trip. We’ve always enjoyed traveling and exploring, but this particular trip sparked the creation of the_inspired_travelers Instagram account.  We each have our own personal accounts, but desired a place where we could both feature our travel and nature photos, and thus the shared account began.

We enjoy using the shared account, and having a gallery of our travel photos together.  When I’m not being lazy, I like to share fun facts about the destination.  I keep my posts short and sweet, because I don’t typically read more than a few lines of a post when I’m scrolling the ‘gram myself.

Still, there are times I want to expand on my posts to share information from our experience that may benefit future travelers.  I’ve always wanted to get back into writing (it’s been a LONG time), so we figured a blog would be the best way to accomplish those goals. It’s only taken about ten months to start this blog, but now it’s started! YAY, us!

The 2017 Spring road trip literally came out of nowhere.  We’re not what you’d call planners; a trip typically starts with one of us hearing about or coming across an intriguing place online, and obsessing over it until we just GO.  Sometimes, that could be as soon as the following day.  A friend had recently road-tripped around Nevada, Utah and Arizona, and her pictures were absolutely MIND BLOWING.  I couldn’t stop thinking about how I wanted to see those places with my own eyes.  Bob & I both enjoy nature and love experiencing new things, and though we’ve lived on the West Coast for three & four years, there was still much to see outside of our PNW bubble in this wild, wild west.

It was early April of 2017 when Bob lost his job, which sucked, but honestly it was fine, because his job at the time really sucked.  It was actually convenient he wasn’t working, because the next week his two friends were visiting from our original stomping grounds of Upstate New York.  The following morning, a tree fell on our Honda Civic during a freak windstorm, rendering it not drive-able.  Insurance covered a rental while the car was in the shop, a big Chevy SUV, which was also convenient since I had to chauffeur around three large dudes for the week.

I was still dreaming about a road trip.   I’ve always had generous time off from my job, and Bob suddenly had lots of time off.  Wednesday morning, I let my boss know I was considering a road trip in three to four weeks, after my car was fixed.  Boss man also happens to be an active outdoor and nature enthusiast, so when I told him about my plans he literally said to leave the next day!  Now, that was slightly absurd; We needed a few more days to get our shit together, and we had to wait until after the boys left Saturday night.  However, there was a great reason to leave immediately; I had a brand new rental car with unlimited mileage, so why wait to go on this 4,000-mile trip?

By Friday morning, I had made up my mind: ROAD TRIP!  Bob never really knew exactly where we were going, but he was down for the adventure.  Now I didn’t want to take the gas-guzzling SUV on a road trip of epic proportions, so Saturday we exchanged it for a car with better gas mileage, leaving with what the guy described as a “wannabe BMW,” a new, loaded Mazda-3.  A small car for the 4,000-mile, mostly-camping road trip, but it was so fun to drive and worked out fine.

Later that night, we dropped the boys off at the airport and stopped by a 24-hour Winco for road snacks and sandwich supplies.  We hit the road Sunday,  heading from Portland towards Moab, Utah for our first stop at Arches National Park.  From there, we visited Canyonlands, Horseshoe Bend, the Grand Canyon, Route 66, Vegas, Zion, Snow Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Craters of the Moon, Fort Rock, and lots of neat stuff in between.

In the next blog post, I’ll pick up with Moab and our fabulous first days in Utah, my new favorite state! ❤





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